Backbar Offers 6 Months of No Fees to Help Restaurants & Bars Reopen

Backbar COVID-19 Relief 6 Months Free Service
// By Josh Saunders // , May 13, 2020

Topics: Restaurant Management

New features to help restaurants and bars be more profitable and no fees for six months on any Backbar subscription plan.


Today we are announcing the launch of brand new subscription plans for the Backbar platform that will help restaurants and bars run a leaner, more profitable beverage program in these uncertain times and for the future. Along with these new plans, we are offering any restaurant and bar, both existing and new users, six months completely free service on any subscription plan to help aid in the reopening and recovery of business.


Our team has been hard at work to develop features that help owners and managers better understand their alcoholic beverage performance. This includes tools to automatically calculate pour costs and margins, reports that identify excess inventory to increase cash flow, and multiple tools to track spend and vendor cost changes, capture accurate product costs from invoices automatically simply by taking a picture, and get par level recommendations based on historical usage.


Backbar has always been a platform to help restaurants and bars streamline their inventory and purchasing, saving you hours each month on tedious tasks and making inventory more efficient. With this new release Backbar now provides significant ways for restaurants to not only run leaner in these uncertain times, but focus on cash flow and profitability like never before.


Backbar will remain a free-forever platform with our Basic plan that provides tremendous benefits over doing inventory and purchasing the old fashioned way with spreadsheets or paper. For establishments that want more powerful tools, try our Essential or Professional plans free for six months. There are no long-term contracts required. If you don't wish to pay for the subscription after the free six months, change to our Basic plan at any time and continue using Backbar free, forever!


For more information on our product and features, view the Product Tour.

For more information on our plan tiers, view our Subscription Plans.

Josh Saunders

About the author, Josh Saunders

Josh has spent the past nine years as the CEO of hospitality technology companies helping restaurants improve their beverage programs. Josh enjoys cooking Italian food, drinking Tuscan wines and eating too many chocolate chip cookies.

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