Cocktail Trends for 2019

// By Alayna Rouse // , Apr 15, 2019

Creativity is taking center stage and that is apparent in the 2019 cocktail trends. From garnishes to a twist on classic drinks, this list takes a look at what patrons will be looking for when wanting to enjoy a great cocktail. The cocktail trends for 2019 demonstrate the desire for creating that one special cocktail that will leave a lasting impression.


Topping The Cocktail Trends: All About the Garnishes


Garnishes on Cocktails are taking priority


Imagine sitting in restaurant and a waiter passes you carrying a cocktail with a garnish lit with a bright blue flame. Immediately, everyones focus has shifted. This cocktail is now the center of attention. This will surely lead to at least one patron ordering that exact cocktail. In a culture where social media is a key component of everyday life, the appearance of a cocktail is essential.


From colorful salt to dry ice, garnishes are becoming as important to a drink as the actual taste. Garnishes are the perfect outlet for a bartender and restaurant to showcase their creativity and skills.


This results in hundreds, if not thousands , of images that flood social media of the most aesthetically pleasing cocktails. Restaurants that take note of this trend will definitely benefit. Instagram and facebook post of creative cocktails are forms of free advertisement and can result in new customers.


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Exotic Ingredients Create a Cocktail Experience


From Lychee Martinis to Passion fruit Martinis, expect the summer of 2019 to be filled with exotic fruity cocktails. Cocktail drinkers are looking for a new experience in 2019 and exotic fruits allows them to experience the world while sitting in your restaurant.


These cocktails can be accomplished in a variety of ways. For instance, some exotic fruit juices are more accessible than most believe and can even be purchased at local grocery stores.


Another way to tap into this growing trend is to use domestic fruit not commonly associated with cocktails.While the fruit itself is not exotic, it still provides a new and flavorful experience. These flavors can include blueberries and grapefruit amongst others. Both strategies allow for you to prepare for one of next years top cocktail trends.


Bubbly Cocktails Will Pop


champagne cocktails


While New Years is approaching, champagne is becoming an everyday staple and not just for special occasions. So what does this have to do with cocktails? Well, the increased popularity of casual champagne drinking has lead to the increased popularity of the champagne cocktail.


This bubbly rendition makes drinking champagne and sparkling wine an even more causal occurrence.Sparkling wine based cocktails can be simple or complex some, but the number one recommendation is that they are prepared with brut champagne for the best bubbly cocktail experience.


Coffee and Cocktails To Wake Drinkers Up


One of the most unique trends to expect for 2019 is the Espresso Cocktail.This takes on two trendy aspects: cocktails and coffee.


It initially appeared in London where the coffee and cocktail culture is taken very seriously. Now its increasing popularity overseas is becoming apparent in the US and is slowly making its way onto cocktail menus across the nation. The popularity of this drink also stems from its role as a great palette cleanser, making it a perfect after dinner cocktail.  Made with vodka, freshly brewed espresso, coffee liqueur, and garnished with coffee beans this cocktail will appeal to coffee and cocktail lovers.


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Alayna Rouse

About the author, Alayna Rouse

Alayna is currently a marketing intern at Backbar. As a current graduate business student she stays up to date on all the newest marketing trends. She is also a wine enthusiast who has traveled the world studying wine and alcohol production.

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