Top Wine Trends of 2019

Wine Trends: A increase in international wine imports
// By Alayna Rouse // , Apr 9, 2019

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With 2019 in full effect lets take a look at some of the biggest wine trends that are going to take the industry by storm. From the continuous love for Rosé to the rise in the popularity of premium wines. The majority of wine consumers are now millennials, and as result, they're shaping the future of the wine industry. We can officially say that 2019 will be the year of millennial. Use these top trends to stay up to date on how to keep your wine menu fresh throughout the year. 


The Rules of Attraction Call For Eye Catching Wine Labels


Wine Trends: Labeling/Packaging of wine bottles is one of the biggest determine factors when millennials decide which wine to purchase.Similar to wine trends we saw in 2018, packaging matters. Millennial wine drinkers are not as interested in brand loyalty as previous generations are. Young wine lovers are focused more on what catches the eye.In stores with hundreds of different selections, millennials are more likely to go for the bottle with the more creative label. This emphasizes the idea that visuals are becoming more and more important for selling wine.


In a study conducted by Portland State University, they concluded that millennials look at 3 different aspects in determining a wines value: label color, size of logo, and kind of logo. 


Ultimately, these factors will impact their willingness to purchase the item. For restaurants, this adds an importance on visual presentation and visual aids being present on their wine menus. 



From Popping Bottles to Cracking Cans: Wine in a Can Still Growing


Wine Trends: Canned Wine

Typically, wine has been packaged in glass bottles and the occasional box, but that's changing with the dramatic increase in canned wine production. Thanks to the rise in millennial drinkers, canned wine is growing strong and saw a 43% increase in sales between June 2017 and June 2018. Canned wine offers several advantages over the standard bottle, such as pricing and portability. Feeling intimidated is common for first time wine consumers when faced with the range of wine available, but the relaxed nature of a can eliminates this feeling while also providing a quality wine experience.

With its sudden increase in popularity, larger known brands are jumping on board to produce their own lines of canned wine. These lines range from canned rosé to canned sauvignon blanc. And wine in a can isn't just growing in retail wine sales. Canned wine has been available and growing on restaurant menus since 2017. In 2019, expect to see the launching of more canned wine lines and their popularity to continue to sky rocket.

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Millennials Are Going Global With International Wines


Over the last year there has been a steady increase in imported wine. This trend is expected to increase exponentially in 2019, as more and more millennials begin to explore international wines.


Wine Trends: A increase in international wine importsThis increase in popularity is happening because of the increase in foreign "gateway wines."  In the past it was common for these gateway wines, a person's first glass, to be an American brand. But this is starting to change with an increased interest in French, Italian, and New Zealand wines.


So expect to see an increase in imported wines. It will be interesting to see how American producers decide how to combat this growing trend.


For restaurant wine programs, it will be important to appeal to millennials' international wine tastes to help boost sales. Wine buyers should consider adding a few more international selections to their wine lists. Especially adding imported options to the glass pour list as a more affordable and approachable place for young drinkers to make a purchase on a gateway wine.


Increase in Demand for Bordeaux Wine


Wine from the Bordeaux region has always been considered a classic. But tough competition and high prices caused a decrease in popularity, particularly with younger wine drinkers.


Now Bordeaux wines are making a Wine Trends: Bordeaux Popularity continuesreturn. Stephanie Libreau, the sales and PR manager with Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion , stated that Bordeaux wines are becoming “more approachable and more drinkable for the customer.”


The new push from the Bordeaux region along with more affordable prices, has prompted a desire to return to the classics. As a result, millennials are flocking to taste the classic wines and experience the rich reds from the region



Wine trends in 2019 will surely be interesting. Being aware of how millennials are impacting the industry is the key to keeping your menu up to date. 


Alayna Rouse

About the author, Alayna Rouse

Alayna is currently a marketing intern at Backbar. As a current graduate business student she stays up to date on all the newest marketing trends. She is also a wine enthusiast who has traveled the world studying wine and alcohol production.

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