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Oct 4, 2019 // by Jordan Brydges

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Google for restaurants, technology to improve operations and restaurants go tip-free. 


Google Enters the Restaurant Industry 


Google has entered the restaurant industry, well sort of.  They have partnered with Olo, an online ordering platform that allows consumers to order their food from its restaurants brand partners via Google's Search, Maps, and Assistant.  It is cleaner and easier for the consumer and also cheaper for the restaurant since they do not have to pay third-party fees and they still get the data from their customers.  


How Can Tech Impact Your Business 


One of the biggest challenges restaurant operators see is labor, whether it is a no-show or more help is needed for an unexpected rush.  Technology is growing in the restaurant industry, helping ease the headaches of many restaurant operators.  Many have seen it as a helping hand in running a smooth operation whether its getting on-demand employees or making payments to staff instantly.  


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