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// By Jordan Brydges // , Jan 10, 2020

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McDonald's looks to change the "party culture" brought by old management and wine tariffs to increase prices 100%.

Wine Lovers Will Be Whining in 2020


Source: Food & Wine


If you love European wine, you might need to reconsider how much you love them unless you're willing to pay 100% more for them.  That's right 100%.  On December 12th the current administration proposed a 100% tariff on all European wines, oh and cheeses, olive oils along with Scotch and Irish whiskies to be effective early 2020.  The bottom line is that these wines will stop coming to the U.S. because importers and wholesalers will be forced to raise prices drastically and people are not going to pay these prices.  What will this do to jobs and businesses in the U.S., where European wines represent $8 billion in revenues for U.S. companies? 


McDonald's Breaks Down Their Party Culture


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New year, new CEO.  Chris Kempczinski, new CEO of McDonald's is bringing back the core values after following his predecessor, Steve Easterbrook, was let go for a consensual relationship with another employee.  The "party culture" of top management drinking and partying with other staffers was something brought on by Easterbrook and does not reflect the family-friendly image Kempczinski is trying to regain.  


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