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// By Jordan Brydges // , Jan 17, 2020

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Grubhub looks to partner up, Starbucks opens community-based stores and influential English beer styles. 


Grubhub Considers Consolidation


Source: Nation's Restaurant News


Once again Grubhub is in the news, and this time it's looking for a partner.  After denying rumors of selling, Grubhub stated: “We believe that given the current pressure on profits across our public and private competition, there will likely be strategic opportunities to acquire share this year— given that our profitability is secure.”  Customers love having options, and in 2019 there were more third-party delivery platforms than ever, breaking any loyalty customers once had to Grubhub leaving them to look to consolidate.


Starbucks Creates More Community-Based Stores


Source: Nation's Restaurant News


Starbucks announced it will be expanding its community outreach initiative, opening 100 stores by 2025 in what they call "opportunity zones" to boost economic for low-income neighborhoods.  These stores will be partnering with local chapters of United Way to facilitate community programs, each addressing issues relative to the community to make a meaningful impact.


English Beer Influences U.S. Bars


Source: Nation's Restaurant News


When we think of beer and drinking culture, the U.K. might not be the first that comes to mind, but the pub culture and numerous beer styles have shaped the industry and introduced new styles of beer.  From happy hour to sports bars, the pub culture has set the tone for American bars; another thing the U.K. set the standard for: session beers - full flavor, lower-ABV meant to enjoy over a longer time period of drinking.  Along with session beers, England also brought us many other beer styles including: bitters, mild, brown, old ales, stouts, porters and pale ales.  English-brewed old ales and barleywines are incredibly popular, with an ABV above 7% and a range of complex flavors, Americans beer aficionados are looking for beers and styles they cannot get from U.S. Breweries.   


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