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// By Jordan Brydges // , Jan 3, 2020

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Up and coming wine regions gain momentum and Uber and Postmates file suit against new "unconstitutional" California law. 

Wine Regions Gaining Momentum 


Source: FSR Magazine


Move over Napa and Sonoma, 3 emerging wine regions are gaining momentum and giving restaurants a look at alternatives to traditional wines.  Cafayate, Argentina has a landscape that resembles the Southwest deserts in the U.S., with high altitudes and cool dry nights creating some intense wines.  The cooler climates in New York produce wines with a fresh, mineral edge that pair perfectly with seafood.  And of course we know that New Zealand is famous for sauvignon blanc, but we might start to see more pinot noirs emerge out of the southern region, Central Otago.


Uber and Postmates Gig Workers - Employees or Contractors?


Source: Nation's Restaurant News


The California law, Assembly Bill 5, is looking to answer this question.  The bill states that third-party delivery drivers would qualify as employees if a company exerts control over how the job is performed or if the work is part of the company's regular business.  This makes it hard for companies like Uber and Postmates to consider these drivers as independent contractors, pushing both to file suit.  Under this law, drivers could become eligible for workplace conditions protections and benefits (minimum wage, sick days, health insurance benefits, workman's compensation).  This would increase costs for the restaurant and guess who those costs would be passed to.  You got it, the consumers.  So what do you think, should they be considered employees since they can choose when to work, or be considered independent contractors?  


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