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// By Jordan Brydges // , Nov 29, 2019

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McDonald's faces violence from customers, tips to increase holidays sales, and a romaine recall hits again. 

McDonald's Store Layout Creates Violence


Source: Restaurant Business 


After replacing the CEO a couple weeks ago after a consensual relationship, McDonald's is back in the news, but this time for their newly updated layouts of their restaurants.  A class-action lawsuit was filed Thursday after employees claimed they are not protected from violence in the stores as a result of the layout, leaving workers open to even more abusive customers.  


In a Chicago-area store, some of the violence that has been seen includes: being threatened at gun-point, kitchen equipment being thrown at workers, vulgar comments, being spat on, groped, and seeing blood and a dead body in the bathroom.  McDonald's claims they have taken steps to create a safer work environment for their employees and have strict policies against violence in their restaurants.  The Chicago-based chain has not said whether it plans to contest the lawsuit or not. 


5 Tips to Encourage Holiday Sales


Source: FSR Magazine 


As more and more people travel for the holidays, or eat out during the holiday season, restaurants have an opportunity to attract these consumers.  How?  People get stressed hosting out-of-town family and preparing a meal so why not offer carryout packages and gift cards and certificates that offer great deals so they can come in and not worry about entertaining and cooking for the family at the same time.  Creating special holiday dishes and events for the holiday season can also appeal to people if they are in town or have nothing planned.  


Really, Another Recall?


Source: Restaurant Business 


It only took 3 weeks after the first recall for health officials to warn restaurants to stop serving any greens that came from California's Salinas Valley, containing a risk of E. coli.  On the other side of the country, people are warned not to eat any salad products from a food processor in New Jersey voluntarily recalling their products distributed in Maryland, much of which is sold in groceries and retailers.  


California is one of the major sources of romaine lettuce in the U.S., with that being said, 40 people in 16 different states have been sickened with E. coli.  This comes at a pretty bad time with salad as a big part of Thanksgiving dinners.  Unfortunately for distributors this not only affects salad sales but also other greens like vegetables and spinach makes consumers concerned.  Restaurants have to quickly change menus, especially on third-party delivery platforms to show they have replaced the romaine so it won't be an issue for consumers to worry about.  If you don't want to worry save the salads for summer and hopefully we are good by then.   


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