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// By Jordan Brydges // , Dec 20, 2019

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As we get closer to 2020 we look back at the top stories in restaurants, wine and dining trends. 

The Top 25 Stories of 2019


Source: Nation's Restaurant News


Can you believe we're already heading into 2020?  2019 flew by, especially for restaurants, whether it's opening new locations and spin-offs to menu changes or shutting the doors.  As we look back at 2019 to see how trends have changed the industry, here is a look at the top 25 stories from the year.  


The Year in Wine 


Source: San Francisco Chronicle 


Well the wine world took many hits this year, from tariffs to wild fires to climate change and even with all that, it still has made an impact on the way people consume.  The biggest changes we saw from the wine world this year was with the hard seltzers, because after all, "ain't no laws when you're drinking claws."  Natural wines, especially reds were more popular than ever as well as lightly extracted Beaujolais-inspired styles.  And a cabernet obsessed region, Napa Valley, has grown other grapes due to climate change.  We'll see what we'll have in our glasses next year, but for now we can cheers to 2019!


8 Ways Restaurants Have Changed in the Past Decade


Source: New York Times 


If we think back to 10 years ago, they way we dined could not be more night and day.  First of all our phones didn't eat first, oh how the power of instagram has changed how we dine and they way chefs cook and present their meals.  And either we became giants or the portions got smaller with small plates, bar snacks, and tapas throwing out the traditional appetizer then entree just to appetizers for the table to share.  Plant-based meals from high-end chefs and "vegetable-forward" entrees were seen all over menus including the popular Impossible Burger.  Let's see where the next decade of dining takes us.  


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