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Bar Inventory

Imagine that your bar's liquor inventory is perfectly managed:Your shelves are clear of overstocked liquor bottles..

If you're a new bar manager, you might be feeling overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities, so we're going to..

"I'm sorry we are out of that."  There is nothing worse than going to a bar and they are out of what you wanted.  Do..

Inventory can be one of the most costly things when it comes to running a bar or restaurant so analyzing your data..

At Backbar we know that taking liquor inventory can be a headache, so we created a free bar inventory app to help..

At Backbar we know purchasing liquor from your vendors takes time and various communication platforms.  So we made..

I recently wrote about Bar Inventory Accounting and while that post and many others in our Backbar Academy discuss..

For most restaurant and bar owners and managers, the enjoyable part of the job revolves around delighting customers..

Doing regular inventory of your bar is critical to running a successful beverage operation. And there are many ways..


Taking bar inventory can be time consuming and frustrating. It’s a lot of work to count hundreds of bottles, move..

Par levels are a phrase you'll hear often when working at a bar or restaurant. But it's more than an industry term...

Taking liquor inventory at your bar or restaurant can be a pain. But the best way to minimize the pain is to create..

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