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Restaurant Operations

Restaurant Management, Restaurant Operations

How to Successfully Run Payroll for Your Restaurant

As a successful restaurant is built upon the hard work of several different staff members. From Managers to service staff to chefs to dishwashers, all these positions serve an..

Restaurant Operations

Distributing Restaurant & Bar Tips | Tip Pooling vs. Tip Sharing

It's common sense, to most at least, that tipping and restaurants go hand in hand. Guests at restaurants in the U.S. almost always understand their "expected" to give an..

Restaurant Operations

How The Work From Home Increase Has Affected Restaurants | Rise in Delivery

Even though the lockdowns have ended, the number of workers that have maintained a full work-from-home(WFH) schedule remains at an all-time high. This has changed the restaurant..

Restaurant Management, Restaurant Operations

Understanding Minimum Wage & How It Effects The Restaurant Industry

Restaurant Trends, Restaurant Operations

Tips To Elevate Your Bar or Restaurant Operations for Spring 2023

Spring 2023 is here and it’s time to set to bar or restaurant up for a successful season. From staying up to date on popular trends to making sure you’re not falling behind on..

Restaurant Operations

Build a Bulletproof Menu with Menu Engineering

Have your eyes ever glazed over when looking at a restaurant menu because it was so cluttered and disorganized? A menu shouldn't cause stress or indifference. A successful..

Restaurant Operations

4 1/2 Smart Ways Restaurants Can Battle Inflation

If rising costs are hurting your restaurant or bar business, there are ways to fight back. After outlasting a pandemic that turned the hospitality industry on its head, shaking..

Restaurant Operations

How Backbar's Square Integration Streamlines Inventory

Finally, some good news!  If you use Square as your point-of-sale system in your restaurant or bar you can now automate inventory tracking by integrating Square with Backbar. The..

Restaurant Operations

Happy Hour Ideas for Bar Business Growth

Implementing happy hour ideas and strategies in bars is a tried and tested way for bar owners to attract customers and increase sales. These strategies are implemented to increase..

Restaurant Management, Restaurant Operations

How to maximize your restaurant's success on Instagram

Are you part of the surge of restaurants marketing themselves on Instagram? In 2019, 78% of restaurants in a report by Toast had an Instagram profile. This is way up from just the..

Restaurant Management, Restaurant Operations

The ultimate guide to using TikTok for bars and restaurants

If you don’t use TikTok yet, you probably just know it as that video app where people do dances and challenges in front of their camera. Its omnipresent influence on pop culture..

Restaurant Operations

How Batching Cocktails Benefits Your Bar

The problem with craft cocktails is that they're time-consuming to make. Sure, there are speedy bartenders working in wells who can keep up by mixing multiple 4- or 5-touch..

Restaurant Operations

3 Ways That Bars Can Improve Cash Flow in 2021

Keeping a steady stream of revenue, or cash flow, is always important for bars and restaurants. This has been a difficult year to navigate with the rollercoaster of recovery from..

Restaurant Operations

How to Reduce Inventory Overstock in Your Bar

An issue that many bars and restaurants deal with is excess inventory or inventory overstock. Liquor rooms become overrun with bottles and boxes of product that just don't sell...

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