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Bar Inventory

Learn tips and tricks to make doing bar inventory easier and faster.

"I'm sorry we are out of that."  There is nothing worse than going to a bar and they are out of what you wanted.  Do..

Inventory can be one of the most costly things when it comes to running a bar or restaurant so analyzing your data..

At Backbar we know that taking liquor inventory can be a headache, so we created a free bar inventory app to help..

At Backbar we know purchasing liquor from your vendors takes time and various communication platforms.  So we made..

Bartender Training

Become a better, more efficient bartender and make more money.

Since the mid-2000s, life has changed for bartenders. The cocktail revival kicked off in the mid aughts wasn't a..

We talk to dozens of restaurants every day and they often tell us one of their top challenges is training their wait..

Running a successful bar relies on a team of people that must all be in sync and aware of their duties and..

Liquor Cost

Find ways to cut liquor costs, control pour costs and better measure your beverage program.

Who knew running a successful bar and restaurant would require so much math?

There are many costs that go into running a restaurant and while some are not controllable, others are, and taking..

Does the thought of sitting down and creating a purchasing budget stress you out to the point that you find..

One of the most important elements of running a successful bar is to control and maintain a low liquor cost. 

Restaurant Management

Understanding beverage financials, metrics and operations for restaurant and bar management.

5 Reasons Restaurant Should Self-Deliver


Here is a quick look at some of the top headlines in the restaurant industry this week and around the U.S.

Top headlines from the restaurant industry this week. 

Here is a recap of what went on in the restaurant industry this week for current news on food, beverage, and..

Wine Knowledge

Tips and resources for restaurant waitstaff, servers and bartenders to improve wine knowledge.

We talk to dozens of restaurants every day and they often tell us one of their top challenges is training their wait..

Who hasn't had sushi? Well, maybe a few of you. But the Japanese food has become extremely popular in the U.S. as..

One of the fastest growing careers in restaurants and hospitality is the sommelier track. In the past few years the..

With 2019 in full effect lets take a look at some of the biggest wine trends that are going to take the industry by..

State Liquor Control Guides

Comprehensive guides by state with information on licensing, control, liquor laws, training requirements, inspections and more.

Featured States

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